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Another interview with Sakurai has cropped up in Japanese magazines!  A kind Redditor was able to translate the key points from the text above for the public, which we’ve edited slightly for clarity:

  • Sakurai decided to make Smash Run 5 minutes long as he felt 4 minutes was too short, and 6 minutes was too long. Furthermore, 2 songs fit perfectly in a 5 minute time frame. (Pretty smart!) Sakurai compared this mode to something else he lead the development of: Air Battles in Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is also 5 minutes long.
  • The Wii U version has more modes, which is a large part of the reason the development time took longer. (Though debugging for this version is also a very large part of the cause as well.)
  • Some fighters had to be changed for various reasons. Lucario had to incorporate his Mega Form, Pit had to use weapons from his new game, and other characters changed for balance reasons.
  • They can add more tips via update, so there isn’t a concrete number on how many tips are in the game. (interesting that he decided to single this point out.  Could they be planning to overlap some of the tips between versions on the Wii U release?)
  • Sakurai really cares about music in games. (And it shows!  What a great selection.)
  • He states that on the Wii U version, you can use the 3DS as a controller, and the Gamecube controller too.  You can also transfer custom characters/Mii Fighters.
  • Sakurai chooses the PoTD 10 days in advance, and sometimes picks a theme on what to show.
  • Sakurai states that for the 3DS stage, Magicant, they made a full 3D model for Flying Man. But because the pixel version loaded faster and looked better, they went with that. (That’s really cool, and you can see that they included a picture of what Flying Man was going to look like in the screenshot above!)
  • Development is still ongoing, and it’s challenging. He’s glad a lot of people are enjoying the game and hopes they’re looking forward to the Wii U version too!
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